As seen on The Food Network, coffee has brought us years of pleasure and enjoyment. A.J. Java has been roasting coffee since 2006. And even though we have spent years providing roasted coffee to fellow coffee shops and local markets, we discovered a growing curiosity in our own retail coffee customer.

Over the years, more and more green coffee has been sold to the home roaster, and we want to see the trend grow. We love coffee, and it is not as hard as you think. As we know, and want to teach you, coffee is always best when you roast it yourself……….Roast it, Grind it, Brew it.

How Can I Roast 101: Beginners Class/Home Roasting

  • Learn the basics and history of coffee.
  • Learn about the dancing goat.
  • Learn the difference between robusta and arabica beans.

You’ll get to roast on a commercial roaster and learn how to home roast with common household items.
approx. 2hrs. $150.00

Whats the Big Difference: What Makes Coffee Different?

  • What makes the difference between espresso and coffee?
  • What makes coffees’ taste different?
  • What does Fair-trade and Bird-Friendly really mean?
  • How is the price set for the farmer’s?

You will learn how the world grades coffee quality through practicing cupping techniques. Tour macro-roasting facility and brokerage warehouse. And finally you can blend your own personal 5lb blend.
approx. 3hrs. $250.00

Classes are held each Saturday and Sunday in small groups. There are a maximum of 6 persons per class, so call us and schedule now!

Private party bookings available. (503) 285-1820