From Me to You

I just wanted you to know where A.J. Java came from. My two children’s initials are A.J. I started this as a single mom trying to give something back. I want you to drink this knowing that it comes as a labor of love.

I want to give back to the countries that these valuable pearls come from. With you and I partnering together; we can get the GNP of these suffering countries up to were they belong. It is my mission not only to improve the plight of the inner-city youth through workforce training, but to do my part to be a global citizen.

So sit back and enjoy this bag of splendor. Stop by and sip a cup with me whenever you are near.

Consider Yourself… Home.

Our coffees are Now Available at Market of Choice, New Seasons Markets, Proper Eats, People’s Co-Op, Alberta Street Co-Op, Food Front Co-Op, and many other great partners.