Blacque Butterfly – Soulful Showcase Sunday

Every sunday evening from 6:00 – 9:00 pm at A.J. Java.


Sunday evening from 6:00 – 9:00 pm at A.J. Java.

Darlene Solomon-Rogers aka Blacque Butterfly is a spoken word artist, singer, songwriter, entertainer and activist. Her love for the arts has allowed her to explore several layers of her calling. Be it spoken word, motivational speaking, singing, theater or event planning or promoting she has allowed the Creator to use her ministry to inspire others to follow their calling. Her art crosses and closes cultural boundaries as she has shared stages with national recording artists from Dead Prez to Peter Yarrow. Her mission is to make good music and elevate her audience to a higher level of consciousness.

She performs a’capella, acoustic or with a full band. Blacque Butterfly is a native Oregonian, born and raised in NE Portland. She is the author of “Black girl can I comb your hair” and selected poetry. Blacque Butterfly promotes and showcases local talent through her events “Blacque Butterfly Presents…”

From Me to You

I just wanted you to know where A.J. Java came from. My two children’s initials are A.J. I started this as a single mom trying to give something back. I want you to drink this knowing that it comes as a labor of love.

I want to give back to the countries that these valuable pearls come from. With you and I partnering together; we can get the GNP of these suffering countries up to were they belong. It is my mission not only to improve the plight of the inner-city youth through workforce training, but to do my part to be a global citizen.

So sit back and enjoy this bag of splendor. Stop by and sip a cup with me whenever you are near.

Consider Yourself… Home.

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